The story of a fellow goddess

Hey my name is Nami and I am the bone behind Nami Creative, it's so nice to e-meet and connect with you! I work closely and intimately with you in a safe environment to capture your goddess essence in its pure, raw and beautiful form. I feel so blessed to have created a space where women can express themselves and can be seen for who they truly are; a true goddess.

After a massive wake up call in 2019 my whole life turned upside down. I since then have been focusing on re-aligning with my higher self and my soul purpose. For a very long time I didn't see my own goddess essence and light. Through inner work, tough reality checks, reflection and lifestyle changes I managed to slowly bring back to life the light that has always been shining in me; screaming to be seen. I since then made it my mission to help other women to step into their power and to love themselves on a deeper level.

I have always been known as the girl that takes so many photos. I have been doing professional photography for the past 10+ years. I discovered my love and passion for capturing women at the end of 2019.

To see the beauty and story unfold in front of the lens is something I don't have words for to describe. There is something very magical in the process of capturing women. It's vulnerable, raw, unique and empowering. I truly can say that I found purpose in capturing the female goddess essence through my photography.

My dream is it to capture one woman at the time and help them to see their own inner light through the photos I take. The more we love ourselves for who we uniquely are the more loving we can be to everyone around us, it always starts within ourselves.

When you book with me, it’s not only a photoshoot. A Goddess Shoot® is an once in a lifetime experience that we will have together. I want you to feel free, worthy and empowered. My art comes from my own goddess essence deep within and if we align, I would love to share that with you, so that you can always look back and feel through a photograph, just how whole and worthy you are.

I like to say that I capture "feelings" rather than just photos. I want you to feel something looking at my photos because to feel means to be alive; to be human.

There is nothing vein about wanting to feel beautiful - it is your birthright.

I capture the natural, the raw, the real, the unique, the wild woman - the goddess that lives in all women and is waiting to be brought to life.

Words of Love

Goddess Alayna

“I will never forget my experience with Nami. I feel as though she captured the essence of me that I've never been able to really see until now. I felt beautiful and real and raw and worthy of the love that had been missing within me. I will be forever thankful for this day and these moments captured by Nami. She is one-of-a-kind and a true angel who makes you feel comfortable and free within moments of meeting her.”

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